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Full Version: Guides, links, info, dump it here!
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We need your links! Any links to any XBMC/PVR/Backend/IPTV related guides, info, videos, etc. Post them in this thread! Share links to your own setups, your notes, or write about them here. We need raw info, and the more the better!

I have a pretty good idea now on how the PVR wiki guide will look, but we desperately need raw info, guides, etc. Especially guides for setting up/installing each of the major backends.

Which backends do you recommend? What hardware do you recommend? Post it all here!
If the VU+-Addon will be merged I guess we could copy the Wiki-Page I created for OpenElec:

Here is a guide I wrote to setting up VDR on Ubuntu

I typed this out in the "TIME SENSITIVE: We need your help to fill out the XBMC PVR wiki page" thread last night

Link also provides an installation guide on installing a Tevii s660 & a L4M-Twin S2 ver 6.2 on Ubuntu (its a bit dated was Ubuntu 11.10)
This seems to have some good info, but looks to be pretty much just US-centric: http://lifehacker.com/5632722/how-to-pic...ur-diy-dvr
One thing I would say, try to get TV tuners from the same model family. Eg. the TBS TBS6280 and the TBS TBS6284 are both in the 62xx family of DVB-T2 tuners, so drivers etc are the same. It makes setup and tuning easier.

If need be, I could write a tvheadend setup guide, I've only just set it up, but it's pretty straight forward.