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Full Version: FTR with mediaportal tuner
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I'm happily using mediaportal backend and its working as expected. I've recently installed FTR and configured it to use mediaportal's tuner.

If I set it to record through FTR it works, however XBMC can't see the recorded content as its in a folder. If I change to use the FTR addon, then it can see it, but live TV doesn't work.

Do I have to use argus with FTR, or is it possible to not record into a folder? I've tried using a custom path, but that didn't make any difference.

I'd use Argus. For the record is much better then media portal. Quick channel changes and reliable recording. Power management seems to work better also. Just my two cents. There really is no need to have two backend doing the job of one. It'll be chewing up cpu usage and could cause all sorts of funny issues.

Argus is better then mp's TVserver
thanks, its useful to know other peoples experiences.

I'll make the switch.
Swapped it out - looks good.......think I've got the channel order sorted now..

1 question - I've read that FTR doesn't support HD tuner cards and I was about to swap to a dvb-t2 card. Is that correct?

Actually 2 questions, is there a FTR plugin for the latest Frodo?
Dvb s2 works perfectly.
Don't know about dvb t2.
I have FTR working fine with a DVB-T2 tuner.