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Full Version: WOL as Power On button?
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Hi Devs,

Awesome app. Just wondering if it would be possible to add Wake On LAN as a Power On option? Currently I use Fing on my phone/tablet to send my HTPC a WOL packet, and think it'd be really neat if I could do it all through the XMBC remote app.
This is a good idea, I also would like to see this to be included.
It already does. The settings are even on the 'Manage hosts' page.
Yeah, there are settings for WOL but IME the power button doesn't send the packet. I don't know that it does anything. I know WOL works otherwise because it works just fine using Yatse remote (I'm using the exact same WOL settings in both remotes). I don't see any buttons in the Official Remote that send the WOL packet.
The current version of the app does send WOL packets from the "Power On" button. I've also created a little script that you can run on the XBMC machine to react to those WOL packets, in case you close down XBMC without sending your entire machine to sleep.