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Full Version: Problem with EDL files
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The issue I'm having is with EDL files being ignored when I playback recorded TV.
When I play a show from the "Recordings" page under LiveTV the show plays without commercial skipping. I thought ComSkip was the problem and wasn't creating the proper files. So I added the directory of recorded TV to the library and played from there and the commercials skip correctly. Its not a big problem, adding the directory to a library works, but it is lowering the WAF of the system. If anybody has any experience with this I'd appreciate it

My setup is MediaPortal on a WHS system as the backend. This does the recording and processes the files through ComSkip. The frontside is XBMC running on Windows7.
Same problem here. When starting a recorded file from the recordings page under LiveTV it doesn't pick up the edl file for the recording. When starting the recorded file from file mode it works like it should.

Running on Linux, latest build from Git.