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Full Version: Adding icons to ceomr media center (mythtv)
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i'm hoping someone can help me, as i've spent all night on this with no success. i'm trying to add a custom icon to complement a custom button i've added to the skin. the button works, however it doesn't show my graphic. this is what i've done so far;

in c:\xboxmediacenter.xml;



in the skin's home.xml;


and i have a graphic in the skin/media directory called home-myth-circle.png.

any suggestions, leads, ideasHuh??

thanks for any assistance

hmm that should work... as a test, have you tried using the id of the standard icons (ie, music, videos, etc)?

and just to confirm, you are using a skin that supports the button scroller, right? (the default pm3 skin does not, and i dont know the ceomer skin)

yup, i think so. i changed the icon id in c:\xboxmediacenter.xml to the 'my videos' icon, and the change worked, so that file is being read properly. either something wrong in home.xml or it can't find a standalong .png file in the media directory.

i have no idea where to go next on this, so if anyone else has any ideas (and even better a good .png for a mythtv script item), i'd really appreciate it.

when using icon 113, do you get a wrong image, or no image?

when you say that you have the graphic in the skin/media directory, you dont actually have it in "skin/media" do you? it needs to be in the directory of the skin, something like skin/ceomr/media.

also double check that there arent any other controls with an id of 113.
when using icon 113, i get the same icon as the program files.

home-myth-circle.png is located in <xbmc home>/skin/ceomr media center/media

the only thing with 113 is a <window><id>113</id> in dialogmutebug.xml


thanks again for the ideas.
one more question... do u get the same icon as programs because its directly next to programs (when u scroll thru programs, the icon doesnt change), or does it explicitly change to that icon from another one?

and that 113 is the windowid of the mute overlay. window id's and control id's are independant.
kraqh3d, thanks for the help. when i switched back to icon 113 to test out your suggestion, it magically worked -- go figure!