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Full Version: Questions regarding xbmc skin - the orbs 17.08.05
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i apologize if this is not the right forum for this but i figure since this was one of the default skins you guys might be able to help.

1. xbmc is set as the dashboard, how to configure it so that it plays a playlist or mp3 right when it starts?

2. there are video that are played on the top left hand corner orb, is there any way to define or change the videos that are played?

any suggestions are greatly greatly appreciated! tia!
1. you need to use a python script to do that. you need to use a autoexec.py script which will call another script to start a playlist. search the python forums.

2. yes. open up the skin.xml files and find it. but if the skin is compressed into an xpr file, you're out of luck and wont be able to change it.
2. those are not videos but animated gif images (avis converted to gifs) and you need uncompressed textures to replace them.