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Full Version: Tvheadend setup guide
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Since I've gone down the Tvheadend path for myself and to help start the wiki guide for PVR (wiki), I was hoping someone might be able to guide me in getting some info.

1. For myself, when I compiled (something I don't normally do, but turned out to be very easy) Tvheadend on Crystalbuntu (wiki) on my ATV1, I still had to install a driver for my USB tuner (ATSC/QAM in the US). Will most users need to take the extra step to install a driver for their tuner card, or maybe that's just an ATSC thing, and DVB is different? I would assume that regardless of TV signal, some type of driver is needed, but wasn't sure if maybe some "work out of the box".

2. The Tvheadend set up page (PVR/Backend/Tvheadend (wiki)) will contain a "quick start guide" for the most basic steps one would take from having Tvheadend installed to getting a signal to XBMC. If anyone has any advice on what to include here, that would be great

3. Since the XBMC wiki page will only contain the very basics, any links to more complete guides would be very welcome.

4. Also looking for links and guides for setting up Tvheadend on a Pogo Plug, Dock Star, and other ARM devices.

5. Anything else you can think of that would help new users set up PVR with Tvheadend.
My PCTV Systems nanoStick T2 290e just worked. I had to manually put the right freqs in as it was old data (before analogue switch off).
Ned Scott: Two questions. First which tvheadend (version?) have you compiled on Crystalbuntu? The second: does your TVHeadend support CrystalHD decoding. Unable to decode TVheadend is one of the things that are annoying about ATV.

About compiling TVHeadend on arm is simple and the same as for other platforms:
cd /tmp
git clone https://github.com/tvheadend/tvheadend
cd tvheadend
./configure --prefix=/usr --datadir=/usr/share --disable-avahi
sudo make install
I had compiled using githead originally, but had some issues. Compiled 3.0 and it seemed to be okay, but crashes the whole system every so often. Payback directly on the ATV1 using BCHD seems a bit flaky, with only one or two HD channels able to display live (others work if I record them and then play them back). I haven't really tested it that much, since the ATV1 is also running XBMC v11, and I mostly just wanted to get a PVR backend up so I could at least use it and learn about it via my other computers running Frodo, but I'll let you know if I have any progress on it.
For me tvheadend is very stable but i am using build around one year old but will try 3.2 final. It is a shame that chd will not work with tvh and live tv. Hope it will change in the near future.
It does work, but there just seem to be some glitches on some channels, and those glitches might have been fixed on the XBMC side. In other words, we need to see how Tvheadend 3.2 and XBMC Frodo builds work together.
I very recently got tvheadend 3.2 running on a purpose built Ubuntu server 12.04 server. Runs very well, and much easier to set up than mythtv, just select your card(s) and tell it to pull freqs for your nearest antenna ( I haven't tried DVB-S). once it has the Multiplexes and services, bind the services to the channels.
Yes i know tvheadend is nice. I was asking Ned because i know he is using Crystalbuntu and was interested if he was able to compile 3.2 on it because it is 8.04 based linux.
A step-by-step guide how to install tvheadend on a fresh install of Ubuntu 12.10 would be nice
Think i found it:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:adamsutton/tvheadend
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install tvheadend

add user/pass

Right? anything else?
So now i have Tvheadend running on Ubuntu 12.10 but cant enable xmltv epg
This is what i have done set
1, set internal grabber to use XMLTV: Sweden (TVZon)
2,With terminal: _grab_se_tvzon --configure
3, choose all channels but tvheaend gui just gives me

Dec 26 13:17:58 /usr/bin/tv_grab_se_tvzon: grab /usr/bin/tv_grab_se_tvzon
Dec 26 13:17:59 /usr/bin/tv_grab_se_tvzon: no output detected
Dec 26 13:17:59 /usr/bin/tv_grab_se_tvzon: grab returned no data

sudo rm -rf ~hts/.xmltv
sudo su - hts
/usr/bin/tv_grab_se_tvzon --configure

Fixed my problems , almost...

Where do i set how many days to grab ? I would like to have 14 days.
I'm also planning to do a step-by-step guide from scratch to Ubuntu 12.10 minimal + XBMC + XVBA + LiveTV
For the LiveTV part, I'm goint to use TVHeadend, as I already used it before.

But I don't get what's the deal with XMLTV...
Doesn't TVH just grab the EPG "over the air" (OTA)? Or where does the data come from?
If I understand correctly, it can grab that info over the air, but it's not an option for everyone. I myself am in the US, and Tvheadend can't grab the US OTA EPG data.