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Full Version: which current XBMC has NPVR (the last 3 i tried do not)
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Ive downloaded the below versions and non have NPVR support (including the latest Nightly Builds)

v11 (http://mirrors.xbmc.org/releases/win32/xbmc-11.0.exe)
doesnt have a PVR Service

nightly (http://mirrors.xbmc.org/nightlies/win32/...master.exe) (which now seems to have gone)
has a service but its grayed out, wasn't able to find any PVR services, so gave up.

this version (http://packages.pulse-eight.net/windows/...-11.12.exe) (which now also seems to have gone)
has a PVR service however after 2-3 hours found somewhere on the internet telling me where the PVR plugs are, but no NPVR...

Looks like system > settings > addons > Enabled Add Ons (PVR was located in here, however no NPVR)

Many Thanks
Did you download the addon? You need to download the addon you want to use, depending on your backend.

I use the ones from http://www.dotnetdevelopers.net/XBMC/xbmcpvr.html

That helped abit, however in the build i have (http://mirrors.xbmc.org/nightlies/win32/...master.exe) even after installing, then seeing and configuring it the PVR service is still grayed outHuh

My bad, looks like i then had to "enable" the addin as part of the "live TV"..... not tested but the PVR Service is now active.

This thread is done, many thanks.
can you post a screenshot of where exactly you see the grayed out thing?
It was on the nightly from 2 days ago according to the build (and was on the current one as well until i "activated" the Live TV)

Was from this download "mirrors.xbmc.org/nightlies/win32/XBMCSetup-20121026-599a248-master.exe"

Its ringed in yellow, i couldn't select it once installed, it seemed to have all the PVR (except NPVR) installed but this option was grayed out.
In the system menu you have to navigate to Live TV and then enable it. The screenshot you posted is of the System Info screen