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Full Version: Problem when fetching music infos
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I'm experiencing a strange problem: when fetching for music infos (audio CD or .flac files on hard drive), XBMC often hangs up for a minute. It stays on a screen saying something about 'cddb://local'...

During this freeze, all CPU go to 100%.

It occurs as soon as I enter in a directory containing music, but sometimes, it works fine the first time, and freezes when I enter again in the same place.

Is it a know problem?

Are your music files located on a local or network disk? If it's the latter, is this network share up and accessible when you start XBMC?
It's a local (usb) disc. But this also occurs when loading a CD...
Enable debug log (wiki)ging in XBMC; reproduce the hang condition; when XBMC returns control, exit it immediately; locate your debug log (wiki) (xbmc.log) and upload its contents to http://www.pastebin.com or http://www.xbmclogs.com ; post the assigned URL for your uploaded log here with your reply so others can review it.