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Full Version: A Little Help Needed
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Having used HyperSpin for the last 2 years, i have decided to go back to XBMC. Having seen the way XBMC looks and the plugins available, I have to say i'm impressed.

I have a simple question, How do I setup a universal exit for anything thats loaded through XBMC ie. Emulators, Standalone PC Games etc.

Just something like a simple keypress that will exit anything thats running.

Also, Im using a PC with a XBOX 360 Wireless controller with no mouse or keyboard present. Kind of like a PC gaming console.
Not sure I understand the question. Why would multiple emulators and games be open in the first place, rather than just one at a time?
I mean 1 emulator at a time, say for example ePSXe is running I need a way to close it with a key combo and that same key combo would apply to all emulators that are opened.