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Full Version: Slight change in vertical font alignment (top/bottom)
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Hi all,

In fixing some bugs, I've had to make some slight changes in vertical font alignment. It affects all label controls which align to the top or bottom of the given coordinates. The change is that the label will move down (for top aligned) or up (for bottom aligned) by the amount that the control would normally use if it was bordered. This is only a couple of pixels for most font sizes, but it does scale with the font size.

Controls with <aligny>center</aligny> should not be affected.

Please test the pull request here:


A win32 build is available for those that prefer that method.


While you're at this... could you fix the fixed center align for slider and button controls in the addon settings dialog? The new media filter dialog seems to have the same problem but only for sliders.

Would also be nice if you could look at this again. I should add that I don't need the right offset for spin controls because I have already an offset in the spin control image.

Yep, just tried the windows build and it has fixed issue #11855.

Thanks for the effort mate.
Wyrm (xTV-SAF)
`Black: mind giving me some more direction on the issue with alignment of slider/buttons? Perhaps there's a skin that displays the problem that'll help debug + fix?

wyrm: thanks Smile
Replace DialogAddonSettings.xml from Confluence with this and you'll see that <aligny>top</aligny> doesn't work for button, slider and the right text of the spin control. You can check the Artwork Downloader settings, it has all control types. Same problem for the new media filter dialog but there it's only the slider, button is fine.
`Black: that's not going to make it for Frodo - the changes could break too many skins.

The slider + button are easy enough to fix. The spincontrol will be quite a bit trickier, primarily due to the manner in which it is positioned (the origin is the top left of the leftmost spinner). Thus, aligning the text to the button is tricky - I suspect it will need quite some thought to sort that out. Nonetheless, if you specify the textoffsety it may work anyway as it is?

EDIT: Actually, turns out spin wasn't that tricky after all. PR for the post-frodo changes is here:


Thanks... but I don't see why that would break anything at all. If you don't define anything (which most do I guess), center is default and if you define top + textoffsety, it should work obviously and not stay centered (how it does currently). The font in my skin does not center properly, so I have to do it manually with top+textoffsety.
Center is not the default, top is.
`Black: With that said, if you can show that all skins in the repo are using center by default for <aligny> (eg via defaults.xml) for:

1. spincontrolex
2. settingsslider
3. buttons (in settings).

Then I'm happy to ask the release manager to consider this as a fix for Frodo.
JX 720, Quartz and xTV-SAF do not set aligny to center for silderex.
(2012-11-03, 02:37)`Black Wrote: [ -> ]JX 720, Quartz and xTV-SAF do not set aligny to center for silderex.

Consider it done for xTV-SAF ,will update my skin later tonight. I would consider it a bug, but I'm not Spiff Wink

Wyrm (xTV-SAF)
I wouldn't worry about jx 720 either it's going too be a long time before that gets updated for Frodo if ever
Will ask spiff.
As requested on GitHub.

Before (cast and plot are text boxes)


After (y alignment shifted down and bottom text cut-off)


Before (bottom label is actually a text box)


After (y alignment shifted down)


Also of note is when I fixed the above problems and switched XBMC from 1080p to 720p this happens


Jonathan, let me know if you want a copy of the skin for testing.

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