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Full Version: Frame Advance and Slow Motion
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One of the biggest gripes I have with XBMC is the lack of frame advance and slow motion playback controls.

Can one of the devs explain why this is? I'm guessing there's a reason but it's quite a basic feature for any media player to have. Most VHS decks had it :-) VLC has it. Why not XBMC?
Why? Because no one has coded it yet for XBMC.
I like to watch movies, not diddle with them Smile
What if you want to see nipple slips or crew members in the background? http://www.moviemistakes.com/ doesn't fill its self out you know Wink
that would fall under 'diddle with them' Smile
actually that would fall under the diddling with you didd... category.
All good and mostly amusing points! I'm not trying to find nip slips - honest. I work in TV and sometimes it's handy to be able to analyse how something was done. In VLC on my computers I also use frame advance for cueing up for a screen grab. Normally just stuff for work admittedly..
the feature was once there from what you can see here, but disabled due to audio issues:
I frequently find myself missing this as well. When a show or movie splices in a quick image, like say the opening credits to American Horror Story, it's fun to advance one frame at a time and see what they slipped in there. That's only one example, and I'm certainly not trying to make demands or judge reasons anyone else would or would not use such a feature, I just know that I've used it a lot on my DVD player and would love to see it in XBMC and I humbly second the feature request, in case any of the programming team is trying to gage the demand for such a feature.
I have wanted this feature forever... i think it should be pretty easy to use the current PlayerControl to add something like the SeekPercentage(x) but with something like PlayerControl(IncrementFrame(x)). When i say easy i obviously mean for the seasoned veterans like jhsrennie (who implemented the PlayerControl(SeekPercentage(x)))

Speaking of SeekPercentage, a feature i use CONSTANTLY, will it still work in Frodo? I noticed that it is only documented in the HTTP API and since that is going away, does it affect this awesome feature?

For those that don't know what i am talking about, SeekPercentage will bring you directly to a percentage of any media playing as long a you configure it properly in your Keymap...

For example, my keymap.xml has this section in it :


What this does is when i press 1 on my remote or keyboard, it goes to 10% of the video, 2 goes to 20%, 3 to 30%, etc...

It is an awesome feature that will even work on some stubborn video files where you cannot fast forward. It is also more stable than multiple BigStepForward on certain videos (lotsa well timed BigStepForwards will almost always crash XBMC)

If this feature is not in Frodo then that's a deal breaker for me Sad

I haven't tried Frodo because of wanting something stable before submitting my massive library to an update...

Pr.Sinister, I can confirm that the seekpercentage keymap commands work in Frodo RC3.
I would love this feature too. I understand it could be difficult for streams, but I watch a lot of encoded media on xbmc. Sports and especially boxing, where it'd be really nice to be able to advance frame by frame to see exactly what happened.

I suppose I could go down the external player route? http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=External_players
I'd also love a slow motion option.
The newest Monogatari series just started and it's a pain to stop playback at the right moment to read a long ass text that only appears a split second. Those are a trademark of Bakemonogatari and its sequels.
I would like the "frame by frame" too and a slow motion (like FF but 0.75x 0.5x 0.25x for example)

Is it possible popcornmix?
I guess frame advance and slowmo are possible if you used mplayer as an external player.

keypress . for frame advance (once paused) and [ or ] for slowdown/speedup. bksp to resume normal speed.
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