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Full Version: Recently Added not working?
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I've just started using XBMC and had a couple of questions about the 'Recently Added' section on the home screen for the Confluence skin.

1) I have it enabled but find that I cannot select a video to play from it - ie, On the home screen, I hover over TV Shows and the Recently Added bit pops up 4 items above the menu bar. I then move up to that section and highlight the clips but clicking OK or Play gets me nothing. Can this be changed and if so, how?

2) I'm limited to 4 items in the same section. Is it possible to change either the size of the icons so I can fit an extra 1-2 items in there

3) There is no synopsis for these items. Is it possible to add a bit underneath each one to allow a synopsis to show (just have a section for synopsis that changes as you go between each clip)?