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Full Version: OpenElec/ Live USB install and shutdown
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a short question to an USB installation. I try to install Openelec 2.0 on an USB stick and this runs very fine. Is it possible to shutdown the system simply to switch off the power without destroying the file system at the USB?

I am unable to login to the openElec forum. I think its a generic question.

Yes.It did for me anyway. I tried it last night and it still works. I've only been using XBMC for 2 years on my Laptop with Windows 7. I recently tried installing XBMC Live on a USB Flash Drive with a few programs but had no luck. All my updates ( fusion, install mashup, settings ) were deleted after shutting down my PC.. I tried OPENELEC and it did everything for me. It even found my wireless router and installed the information for me.I only have basic knowledge of computers but i'm learning more everyday. I found the instructions here. http://www.totalhtpc.com/openelec/ They are a little outdated but no worries everything is updated as you go. I would like to thank everyone with XBMC and this forum for all their help and patience!