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Full Version: More Zappy Avatars in default gallery
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Hello all

Can We have more Zappy Avatars in the Default gallery?

This would be fantastic and I have tried to make my own but there aren't many single images of Zappy to begin with.

Even if there were and you could make your own uploading it is restricted to 100x100 and default gallery is 140x140 even if file-size is only 6kb you cant upload a 140x140

More Zappy's


We know our beloved da-anda is busy with a great deal, forums adn wiki and other creations and even real life, but we ardently need a familly of Zappys just for Users...

* un1versal tries to conjure the witches of XBMCwick but its fails.

Now all I can do is Wait.

Zappy is made of simple shapes so probably anybody could create some new avatars. But your request is not forgotten.