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Full Version: CONFLUENCE Updated floor.png complimenting skins existing design. new png included
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The Current floor.png covers too much of the screen its opaque, you dont get the full benefit of the backgrounds and looks out of place with how other skin areas display with gradients etc.

I have designed a replacement which you can just drop in to the media folder and rename your .xbt to get the benefit of this one for testing, alternatively it can also be compiled in.

Its public domain http://www22.zippyshare.com/v/20448202/file.html because I didn't want any thing to get in between remote possibility of inclusion in xbmc,

I hope that this is used in confluence, its compliments the skin well.

With new floor.png ignore the background that's not it)


With Old floor png


For the consideration of JeZZ_x

Not a single comment? Sad

I like it Smile - Do you mind if I pinch it for Hybrid
Pinch away... Smile

Thumbs up here also! Looks great.
Image Great!

I wonder what Jezz_X thinks? mmmm

i love it.. will try it

Now if only jezz_x actually read these forums and any feedback lol Smile

I think its fine if you like that but I'm not changing the default
Thank you for feedback even if fugliness prevales.

Would you consider changing the default at all for your own design thats not so fugly and fits in better?


(2012-11-15, 23:21)uNiversal Wrote: [ -> ]Thank you for feedback even if fugliness prevales.

Would you consider changing the default at all for your own design thats not so fugly and fits in better?


ha ha. I see we may need a class in persuasion. Telling somebody the work they've done is terrible is the single best way to ensure that they don't take your advice. Particularly when the work they've done is objectively awesome according to almost everyone else in the world.

Your best bet was to offer the alternate screen as a new theme for Confluence. That still might not have been accepted, simply because we do so little with theming, but you've gotta at least TRY to come off as positive.
I suppose I could do with a class in persuasion, however.

Its not the screen its the floor.png the the darker bit behind RSS.

this image


Anyway jezz_x was quite clear to say he wont change the default (automatic shutdown on open to suggestions), so there must be no point in saying it looks fantastic. though anyway, I see the persuasion wasn't best. nobody is perfect eh!

anyway. Sad

WOW fugly huh thats a bit of a slap in the face. Confused
There are a lot of conditions that go into deciding not to have it transparent

1) the media panes are supposed to look like they are sitting on top of the "floor" and have a reflection of them in the shinny floor, if you remove that then you may as well remove the reflections because it looks odd having reflections in mid air
2) once you start going transparent at the level you have made the text for the now playing media and page counts start to get harder to read when the background has a really bright fanart under it (think white)

1) the skin is open source make your own mod of it with all the changes you want.
2) make a theme xbt file so you can use the current skin but just change to your theme

P.S. I actually said it looks nice but its not replacing the default I never said that it would never change just that this specific one will not become default
Well thanks

I am using it, since I cant do any moding cause I dont know skinning, Ill keep dropping in replacing and compiling it.

Reflections still show up just not as pronounced and the point of this, is so it actually looks like part or the skin, and most importantly allow view of the background to its fullest, and allow RSS to be readable. As well as the addon labels also readable.

But thank you for feedback, I didn't think you would be so offended by the critique, I guess your right, the current is perfect.

I would like to see at some stage a better more elegant solution, that actually bring the skin together, mine was made from another texture in confluence and all these textures are not opaque.

Great work anyway, I dont use any other skin.

I'm not offended but trust me fugly is a little more than "critique" Big Grin
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