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Full Version: Help adding a infolabel to information screen
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Confluence has a information pane that offers various tidbits about the CPU/Storage/Video/System

I would like to add a infolabel on the Storage part System.HddTemperature which shows Hdd temperature I would hope. below where the storage devices are mounted aligned similarly to CPU temperature GPU temperature.


I dont know any skinning or how to do this, if anyone could give me some pointers I would be grateful, I been reading several xmls and skinning guides and am totally lost

I think its systeminfo WINDOW_SYSTEM_INFORMATION SettingsSystemInfo.xml

But Im tottaly lost as I cant see anything I can use as guide like cpu or gpu temp in there.



Does this label even exist?
Its listed here http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=XBM...ing_Manual so I would guess it does.

System.HddTemperature ---- Hdd temperature

Ok I guess no one knows, I dont have the knowledge and existing guides are insufficient.

The infolabel exists according to documentation.

* un1versal shrugs

If you can post a screenshot, I can code it in...I'm not sure where you want it...

BTW: Sorry for late repsonse...lost this thread a bit Big Grin

Thank you for response

It would be ideal in confluence for this to show in storage infomenu (see screenshot)


Considering the more internal hdd's there are and external thumb/hdd added + optical drive (assuming the hddtemp could be called for each internal HDD and labeled accordingly)
ignoring dirves like /dev/sr0 = optical drive and in this case /dev/sdb = thumbdrive are added to listing downwards positioning.

Probably best placing would be around (see mockup) for ideas.


idk about the label naming exactly or if this at all possible, but it would be nice it could be done and added to Confluence as default.