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Full Version: No menu screen home.xml idle time ?
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(i use pm3 with built 16-08-2005)

when you are in home and waiting about 1 min menu desapear and a new screen come (very nice with fade effect) but is only when you are in home :/ ...

it's possible to have this fonction with any screen ? (pics, prog, video etc ...)

thx for support
yes, the skin can actually do it on any screen.. not a very neat way thou. thats what screensavers are for Smile
its not meant to save the screen but to look nice :p

my screensaver time is set to 20 mins because my tv doesnt 'support' burning Wink

its not possible in every screen to get the same effect, since in the homescreen we have the logo on top and an extra bottom bar - its basicly just hiding the controls

you could replace the current fullscreen viz informaton with this tho and make it the screensaver - that way you would have it in every screen - but without the fading...
umm actually ive done this and it looks pretty flash (it uses flashy fade effects), ill show choke soon and maybe release a patch
nice - i might use that Smile

i keep going back to the homecreen because i like the viz behind the scanlines so much - but i also prefer to use what i release

many people asked me to remove the overlay so it never pops up during fullscreen viz - so i did it

having two verions is not a bad idea