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Full Version: Auto-download torrents on XBMCbuntu
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I've recently built myself a HTPC and I'm running XBMCbuntu v11.0. Incase it matters the build is:
Intel i3-2120 processor
Asrock H67-ITX mobo
Samsung 830 128gb SSD

I have set up XBMC to display all of the media from my Netgear ReadyNAS Duo v2 running a 2TB WD HDD. The aim of the project is to have an all-in-one set top box connected to my living room TV. One that draws little power and so can be left on for most of the day. In an ideal world my NAS would have a torrent add-on however after a lot of research it turns out that the v2 of the ReadyNAS hasn't got many apps (wish I had found out before I purchased it).

So I have looked into using the underlying Linux OS of XBMCbuntu to run a torrent downloader and some sort of RSS feed to automatically obtain the torrents. The issue I face is that I have very little knowledge of Linux and I have tried to get a few torrent downloaders working but I'm just finding error after error and I don't know why!

If somebody has already done this I would really appreciate a step by step guide, or possibly a link to one on-line that I haven't already found and failed to follow!

Thanks in advance!

You should try usenet works much better then torrent

Usenet guide

sry can help you with torrents.