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Full Version: MySQL database location?
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So I have an SSD sitting around, and I was curious whether it would make any difference moving the MySQL database and thumbnails (I'm using Eden and path substitution for thumbnails) to an SSD. The thumbnail folder I can figure out, but where is the MySQL database located, and how would I go about moving it?
Okay I figured it out. It was pretty easy. The location of the folder containing the databases is described in the my.ini file in C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.5. I just copied the data folder to the SSD, stopped the MySQL service, changed the folder location in the my.ini file, and then restarted the MySQL service. Done.
have u noticed a difference?
Sorry I missed your post. I absolutely noticed a difference with thumbnail loading. This probably isn't necessary anymore now with Frodo, as I believe the thumbnails are stored locally for each client. It's hard to tell how much a difference moving the mysql server to an SSD made. It certainly didn't hurt at least.