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Full Version: XBMC-Home on DISPLAY=:0.0, Video on DISPLAY=:0.1
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I am running xbmc on Ubuntu 12.04 with two monitors (one 15" Eizo, one 42" Panasonic)

xbmc starts on DISPLAY=:0.0, the 15" Eizo and works well and the small monitor is sufficient
for listening to some Music.
When watching videos I have to restart xbmc on DISPLAY=:0.1 to use the 42" Panasonic.

Is is possible to configure xbmc that way it starts on DISPLAY=:0.0 and redirects videos
to DISPLAY=:0.1 ?
Is an external player definition a possible solution (seen in http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=External_players)