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Full Version: AirPlay video quality
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When streaming online video on my iPad (from various sources, for example, with the "RTL XL" and "RTL Nieuws 365" apps) I see the video quality automatically turn into HD after ~3 seconds of playback. When selecting XBMC as my AirPlay device the quality stays awful and never makes this switch to HD.

Is there some quality negotiation with the AirPlay device that is currently not supported in XBMC? Or what else is happening here?
Not that i'm aware of. Would be interesting if it behaves same with an original appletv2?
I am interested too. I have both, an apple tv2 and xbmc running on raspberry pi raspbmc and also xbmc running on jailbroken apple tv2. The image quality of airplay directly in atv2 menu is so much better then airplay to xbmc. Was wondering if there is someway to improve image quality of airplay in xbmc.
its more some sort of stream selection i guess - youtube for example streams in hd if available on xbmc - so its not a generic airplay problem but depends on the server sending the stream (not sure how the stream quality gets selected and who selects t - either the server or the client).
@Memphiz. But that's not the case, because the exact same stream, for example live stream from NBA Gametime app, shows up much better when airplayed to atv2 os, when this stream is airplayed to xbmc on the same atv2 the same video is in much lower quality. Thus meaning the ios is handling the video much better, this must be software related, because it is on the same device but on different os.
You don't know if it's the exact same stream. Each app that can airplay video can select different streams based on different factors, even if they're just different streams of the same video.
Dug up this Thread. Have the same issue, when watching servus tv HD app on iPad it's super crisp. When enabling airplay it's really bad quality and kind of lags

Also i noticed, that I can exit the YouTube app on iPad and the stream keeps on playing on Xbmc. But when I close the servus tv app, the stream stops.
could you try this with a real appletv2 if possible? i doubt that it would behave different tbh...
Cant, don't have one. But yeah, I guess it's because the apps are TV apps. Maybe some kind of restrictions, as HDMI out isn't supported either
Any News? Tried various apps such as Das Erste, Zattoo, ZDF app and Internet mediathek, phoenix, arte and TED just to name the apps that don't work. Either they don't "jump" on the HQ stream or they don't work at all. I'm very curious why, because as said, on the iPad the stream "jumps" to high quality in a second or two. Vimeo and YouTube of course work nice and HD videos look awesome!

Attached are shots I took of the TV and a screenshot of the iPad, as you can see airplay is unusable with these apps


No news - not even looking into it. Imo its up to the app to send us the right url. You need someone to get to try it with a original atv2 - thats what we "copied" the airplay stuff from. If it manages to do it - we can look how.
Original Apple TV 2 Airplay will start out on the lower quality stream, then switch after a few seconds to the higher quality stream. I'm not sure if I have an example app that works outside of the US... but I'll see what I can dig up if it might be of any use.
Might be a player feature then. If you can dig up a testapp - write it in here.
should be fixed in next nightly.
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