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Full Version: AMC Compatible scraper
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I've been using Ant Movie Catalog to catalog my movies and the MyFilms plugin for Mediaportal to access the database, with fanart and everything.

I'm planning to run XBMC on a RPI and it would be great if instead of having to make it's own database and download all the fanart again in it's own format, it could just use the AMC database and fanart, like Myfilms does. All my media will be on the PC anyway, so there's little point in the database and fanart being available (i.e. stored locally to the RPI) if the PC is off anyway. Myfilms is able to scan the media folders and update/add new movies from within Mediaportal and this could be replicated in a XBMC addon and also has a separate app called AMC Updater which can be run to scan the media folders, which can still be used (on the PC) along with the XBMC addon.

So, does anyone feel like this would be good and fancy developing it?