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Full Version: Looking to hire XBMC/XML expert!
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Hello All,

I want to first start off by introducing myself and saying hello to everyone. I'm brand new to the forums as well as to XBMC. I'm currently working on a project that I'd like to do using XBMC. I don't want to list (at least not yet) the entire scope of the project for several reasons. This would be a part time position to possible full time if all goes well. If you meet the below requirements please send me a message so that i may explain in further detail. If you have any doubts please message me.

Able to do the following:
  • Create Skins
  • Modify/Create XML
  • Video Streaming experience
  • Basic Linux knowledge

Thank You,
Anyone? I AM paying..
Did you have any luck with this? I'm looking for some help, too, but can't seem to find anyone who does XBMC contract work.