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Full Version: Philips hue integration or add-on
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***MOD EDIT: Thread moved from feature suggestions to the Hardware forum. It could be put in the add-on forum as well, but one way or another, the thread isn't really about the request anymore. ***

Looks like things have progressed - here is the most recent post from a developer that is working on this functionality. that includes a video. Most recent update is july 14, 2013.


Quote:Apologies if this is the incorrect sub forum.

Product web site

The philips hue is a wireless controlled LED light bulb that fits your standard light socket. The bulb comes with pre-defined scenes with the option for custom colors and controls. A bit pricey at $200 for the starter kit and $60 per each additional bulb it is much cheaper than installation of the alternative technologies + back end. An add-on or integration could vastly improve the home theater feel of xbmc for very little additional money spent. Pause a movie or TV show and have the lights slowly increase the brightness, etc... Just a thought, hopefully somebody finds interest in this.

Play store link http://bit.ly/TkueGN for the Android controller.

Edit1 - Added product site
Edit2 - api info - http://rsmck.co.uk/hue
Edit3 - pricing
I've been looking into these as well and the system looks amazing. A button on my remote that could hit the lights when I wanna watch a film and bring them back up after all done through XBMC would be perfect!
I'd love to play with this but can't afford it right now.
(2012-11-15, 17:05)davilla Wrote: [ -> ]I'd love to play with this but can't afford it right now.

Exactly the same! It is one of the first ones to consumers available though so I am thinking the more that come out etc. the cheaper it will get. There is also this one that got funded yesterday through kickstarter and they are building and SDK for it. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lime...reinvented
Man I would love an add-on for this - it looks like a fantastic option for dimming/light control.
Hi guys!

I just built this add-on! It support two modes:

- Theatre mode
- Ambilight mode

In Theatre mode the add-on will dim your lights as a movie starts playing, and increases the brightness when you're done. Just as described above.

Ambilight mode turns your Philips Hue in a room-sized ambilight (needs some work as the response time of the lights it too slow, see below).

More information is available on my blog - meethue.wordpress.com. The code is available on github.

Hope you enjoy!

If any XBMC developers read this post: is it possible to get a capture of the video stream in the future? eg: can I use xbmc.RenderCapture() to capture the frame that will be shown in 1 seconds?
the frame that will be shown in one seconds? This would need to predict the future wouldn't it? (i guess i got you wrong).
I'm not familiar with the internals of XBMC, but maybe there's a way to read frames from the buffer?
I think you need to reforumlate the request - i just don't understand it language wise - sry.
This is a wonderful idea and a great first implementation.

Indeed I would also appreciate it if there could be some kind of workaround for the delay of about 1 sec.

Quote:Posted by Memphiz - 2013-01-30 11:21
I think you need to reforumlate the request - i just don't understand it language wise - sry.

Well, as far as I can tell meet_hue was trying to say, if there is any way to analyze the colors in some particular frame.
Let's say we have 24 fps.
When showing frame 1 on the TV we already have to compute the color for frame 24 and send it to the Hue bridge, so that if we reach appx. 1 sec later the frame 24 and it is shown on the screen, the Hue bulbs will be in sync with the picture.
That is assuming that there is some kind of framebuffer.
not possible. we already discussed why.
yes victory123 you're right. I posted a new thread somewhere on the forum, but as davilla says it turned out this is not the way to go.

In the meantime I made some improvements in the add-on and the ambilight mode should be a bit more responsive, so if you want do a checkout from githut and give it a spin. I put a stripped version on there as well. it supports let features but is easier to install (https://github.com/search?q=script.xbmc.hue)
Love this plugin and find it's very useful. I only wish it were able to do two more things.

1. Detect when music is playing, dimming/changing lights while music is playing is unnecessary.
2. When the lights are already off don't turn them on after finishing playback.

Other then that it's really perfect and once again shows the great flexibility of XBMC. Real great!

thanks for the addon, I just hooked up my new Hue lights.

One remark though:
I have two of the lights (1+2) installed in my cinema room, but one is in the sleeping room. So neither the option to dim all lights or to dim a single light isn't really an option. Do you plan any improvements in this area?


progress has been made. I have updated the original post.
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