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Full Version: 4 the record isn't anymore
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Oh my god. For the record stopped everything.

Does someone know something more specific and perhaps something about ftr in the future in xbmc?
Or perhaps about Argus TV or Opsis TV?

So. After a little bit of reading in the forums I've found out that Argus TV is some kind of newer version of 4theRecord.

In the forum dot-i writes that you can even upgrade Wink

I'll now stop shouting out hysterically Tongue
and the API is supposed to be backwards compatible - so the current 4TR addon should work with ArgusTV 2.0 (it's just a rebranded 4TR release anyways). But from what I read RedF is working on a official ArgusTV addon.
cool Smile
Looking forward to it.

Yes after reading some more in the Argus TV forums I also saw that it should be backwards compatible.
It's great to see everything go on Smile