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Full Version: (UK ONLY)SkyGO Working now in XBMC
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SKY GO in XBMC 1.7b2013 Now available for download ! With full EPG Support courtesy of Syborg !

[Release] - Skygo Launcher 1.1.10 - Repo https://code.google.com/p/xbmc-skygo/downloads/list

Runs skygo channels full screen in xbmc its beta now and is stable in Eden and Frodo,

Full Channel list and search using remote

LATEST VERSION ON YOUTUBE!!! HERE>>>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2yr0kFf89g

It is currently only available as an exe through advanced launcher but will be in the repository eventually

Im using XBMC EDEN and Win 7 x64.
NEW VERSION :5/03/2013 14:20 GMT

BIG THANKS TO PlenG & Syborg for all his their work

Skygoxbmc1.7b.exe (new Link 5/3/13) http://sdrv.ms/15vacCz (NEW)

Skygocache.bat (new Link 30/1/13) https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=F7...z-nVaRDbro

installxbmclauncher remote keeping focus file: https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=F7...4CDAD3!183


the exe file MUST be placed in your root c: directory or the py error will occur
the cfg files and skygocache bat file must be placed in the same place as the exe..

PLEASE NOTE* you must have internet explorer 8 or above installed and latest Microsoft Silverlight installed for this plugin to work.

This version dosnt need a sign in from internet explorer before you can run the plugin! :O)

older versions available with full tv listing screen on skydrive.

Version 1.44b (beta Version) for x86 and 64 processors

version 1.43b has full tv listing on launch.

Checkout My Working Skygo1.45b In XBMC Video Below:


Constructive feedback always welcome! Please feel free to email suggestions for updates and help. Im looking for programmer help constantly so get in touch if you are a developer.

The Guide:

Skygo 1.7b2013 Installation Guide by XBMCMike

The skygo plugin has currently at the time of writing this guide only been tested working on frodo rc2 and Eden v11
*please note: To use the following plugin you must be a registered Sky customer and have a registered skygo account.

Firstly download the skygo 1.7b2013 plugin from xbmcmikes skydrive and also the skygocache.bat file and the skygo thumbnail icon and cfg file.

Next ensure you have Internet explorer installed at least Version 8 better still google chrome

Install Microsoft Silverlight latest version

To use your remote control within skygo and to take you back to xbmc menu you must install installxbmclauncher.exe no its not a typo from the skydrive account (the xbmclauncher ensures focus stays with xbmc)

1.7b2013 Version Now includes autologin script.
edit the skygo.cfg file and enter your login name and password and save as skygo.cfg

Double click the skygocache.bat file or runme and skygo should now auto run fullscreen

Satisfied ist running stand alone and you don’t have to sign in anymore now, run xbmc.

Install advanced launcher and setup your pc executable and select your skygo exe file and again choose the skygo logo.jpg you downloaded as the thumbnail.
Once all is completed you should see the skygo icon in programs adv launcher. You can put this on your main menu if you like using other tutorials on the xbmc forum.

If you are using a remote then try selecting the icon now and press number 5 or ENTER and you should now successfully be able to see your sky channels.
Pressing your home or go button on your remote should now take you back to xbmc.

Note: Channel changing is still mouse or trackpad only but we now have all channel ids so a working version with all channels wont be long !
1.7b2013 has been tested by a few users with full menu funtionality and no mouse was needed and could be controlled via keyboard or remote.

Any issue please log and report to me on the forum

Owner/Creator Skygo for XbMC

We now have a small team working on skygo and our newest member is Pleng who has been working hard on the skygo menu creation, Please feel free to leave comments on this post, If you have any queries regarding Skygo please PM me.
If you have any ideas or request you wish to put forward please DONT pm us just leave a message on this post and we will add it to the request list. We just have limited boxes that fill up quickly (well mine does!!).
OK I still have no answer with regard to quitting skygo with a key command that i can send to my mce / hauppage remote, However im looking for a programmer to make this look neater and an icon on the main front screen rather than in the video files folder as a .htm file.? if anyone can help pm me please or post here. Thanks


Can an exe file be run direct from an icon on the home screen if so how as I have almost got a skygo exe ready to be used...
does anyone have any ideas Huh
I would love to help as Skygo on xbmc would really complete my setup save me having to keep exiting out of xbmc. I dont have the programming ability but would to test anything and give feedback.
(2012-11-22, 00:29)syborg Wrote: [ -> ]I would love to help as Skygo on xbmc would really complete my setup save me having to keep exiting out of xbmc. I dont have the programming ability but would to test anything and give feedback.

send me your email and il send you the files and instructions on testing it, Its an Alpha so although skygo runsyou cant get back to xbmc without pressing alt+f4.

You must have skygo setup and running on your pc/laptop ready before launching the plugin.


This is my first time posting so be kind Smile

I would also like to know how to setup Sky Go on XBMC.

Many thanks
Guys I am currently working on an external launcher that works with Skygo it is working and so far so good in the fact that i can actually launch skygo and it actually plays while xbmc is running but it is still just an external exe file that launches a sort of cut down web browser. I am still alpha testing the remote part of things.

> You can launch skygo logo icon from within xbmc it opens a window with the skygo channels on. Top right may say that you dont have silverlight installed even though it is. Just install it again with the launcher over the top / in conjuntion with.
once silverlight has done what it needs to do. Alt+F4 (As this is the only command to quit The skygo launcher at present and quit xbmc and Relaunch xbmc.
Launch the skygo plugin now and hopefully it will come to life.
If anyone has any idea on commands to quit an external exe in xbmc using a remote command it would be most helpful.

Please remember this is a a 1.4 Alpha release. and has not much functionality.
Feedback most welcome and any dev help.

Teaser Video for Sky_Goxbmc1.42Alpha.

Cant play streams on mine currently ive used up all my devices with skygo lol testing different machines.

take a peek and let me know.



now working skygo in xbmc updated video


apologies for my daughter crying in background !!
Looks excellent. Excited to try it!
Found an interesting article if any programmers could help solve the alt f4 quit situation.


Look here for remote key and full screen ideas though its only for Windows.

some serious issues currently.
MS Silverlight has a security feature that when full screen mode is clicked only a handfull of keys work.
So far the tab key and the enter and arrow keys are the only things that i can get to do anything.

May be a lost cause until i can get some confirmation from anyone else as to making events work.

Of course all mouse functions work with silverlight.
from msdn for silverlight:

Keyboard Navigation
You must plan for effective keyboard interactions in your product. Think through the navigation for the product, which items should receive keyboard focus, and how non-text items will be labeled to provide the best experience for users. This section addresses specific ways to handle these issues in Silverlight.
Keyboard User Interface Design: For more information on keyboard best practices, see the Guidelines for Keyboard User Interface Design on the MSDN Web site.
Tab Order
To control the tab order in Silverlight, set the TabIndex property. Also, be aware that users cannot tab into and out of Silverlight applications except in Internet Explorer.
<Button x:Name="toggleButton" TabIndex="2" AutomationProperties.Name="Switch" AutomationProperties.HelpText="Click to toggle this switch on or off." />
Keyboard Focus
To specify what controls can receive keyboard focus, use the IsTabStop property. Only Control-based elements can receive keyboard focus. Most Silverlight controls already set the IsTabStop property to true, such as Button.
Setting Focus for a Silverlight-Only Application
In the case where the Web page is a Silverlight-only application (i.e. a complete Silverlight submersion experience), JavaScript will need to be created to create keyboard focus on a fully-embedded control; otherwise, AT is unable to recognize the controls within the page. For example, calling the Focus() method on the HTML page. Or you can do it in the Silverlight code:
Sample code from Microsoft Silverlight website.
Non-Control-Based Elements Focus
In Silverlight, only control-based elements can receive focus, which presents accessibility issues when interactivity for mouse actions is added to items such as Image, Path, or MediaElement. To offer access to AT users, there are two options:
Enable the functionality with a keyboard command or with a control in the UI. This option is a quick and easy approach, but it is not as accessible in many cases as the second option. It will not address navigational reading order, for example.
Enable focus by creating a custom UserControl element that contains the Image, and add the keyboard logic there. This approach keeps the vertical reading order intact for users of AT who navigate the page using a Logical Hierarchy. The custom approach normally includes the addition of assigning a keyboard shortcut. MSAA-based screen readers commonly read out text or alternative text (alt text) only when the item receives focus. By enabling a user to tab to a TextBlock or Image, it forces some screen readers to read the content. In addition, if you handle mouse-down on the Image to perform an action, you would then need to provide a keyboard accessible way for the user to tab to the image and invoke the same action as well. Note: A visual focus indication will also need to be provided for this option, which will be addressed later in this course.
Some images have information which pops up when a mouse rolls over the image. The images that cannot receive keyboard focus prevent users who do not use a mouse from seeing the popup information. Other images, however, can receive keyboard focus. Users without a mouse can access the popup information by putting focus on the image and reading the alt text associated with it.

there ive been trying to test this out - but I am having some issues getting it to launch at all through the advanced launcher. I'm not sure what im doing wrong. could you give some brief instructions on how to correctly set it up.