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Full Version: (UK ONLY)SkyGO Working now in XBMC
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Hi mjeyre;
I tried download ver. 1.43b from link you posted but NORTON antivirus on my PC recognize a virus and delete it
You know why
(2012-11-29, 01:29)koomak Wrote: [ -> ]Hi mjeyre;
I tried download ver. 1.43b from link you posted but NORTON antivirus on my PC recognize a virus and delete it
You know why

i don't know why everyone else has had no problems?


(2012-11-28, 17:46)WolvesPhil Wrote: [ -> ]Hi,
I havent tried this method below but I do use AutoHotKey to map a few commands on my remote / keyboard.

Can you use it to remap Alt - F4 using this http://www.autohotkey.com/board/topic/57...map-altf4/

Very interesting in this skygo app which is why I was on this page but wanted to chip in with even though as I say it is untested...

thanks il have a look at it cheers !

Been using it everything looking good. Will try and install the new version tonight and let you know if anything comes up

Couple of things - rossglass said he managed to get chrome to store his login details - could you speak to him and found out how he achieved this and see if this is possible for IE or would a chrome version be possible?
yes im waiting for his reply, also ive been looking at kylo open source web browser, ive already got a working version of skygo to run and I can quit ! back to xbmc with the remote.

though it seems to buffer somewhat.


Chrome has an extension called autocomplete=on which will force the site to remember passwords. Sky has implemented it because there is billing info stored on the site. Safari remembered the password without any changes, but the last time I checked it didn't support the latest version of silverlight. I don't use IE so cant tell if anything can be sorted out there
i just managed to get skygo to automatically start with silverlight in fullscreen yey but cant sign in !!

ive been here 1 hour so far help !! anybody know anything about auto signing in with ie9 or chrome from command line or script please get in touch
Found this dunno if it'll be any help

please download and check it out link below..


see if you can get signed in somehow and let me know, very positive now though. getting close.


just to be clear this is 1.4A although its not named conventionally it is NON functional apart from the skyguide in fullscreen and key commands work.

It a test version for people to play around with and try and sign in.
real progress, if you first run an internet explorer browser and sign in to skygo and start watching a channel, then stop the channel.
Minimize and run my skygo app The one from the above link, it works !, you can alt+tab back and forth run other apps and go back to my app and it still runs full screen...

Need this autosign thing sorted then almost done..!
great work - managed to get it skygo working again. however, i cannot get your skygo app to work. I login to the skygo on the website play a program stop then run the program but I keep getting the login with your sky ID I click and I get a black screen the guide is there but I can't get a picture.
i know its hit and miss im trying to find a way to get the autosign in to work currently


might have been firefox browser ive got 4 on the go lol !

OK try this, load up the skygo page in internet explorer using the link below, must be this think.


sign in using the silverlight sign in.

Its where the cookie/js script for the login details are stored for the tv side of the web page, the other sign in is for the billing details.

once signed in it will obtain licience details buffer and play last tv station. Press stop in bottom left of sliverlight window.

Now run my latest exe 1.4b from either within xbmc or standalone and you should immediately get full screen sky with no problems, alt tabbing everthing it will even play fullscreen while you run another app.

Hi mjeyre

I think you can make IE remember the password by using a bookmarklet
hey rossglass thanks for that im looking into it but i cant seem to fathom it out, does anyone on here know how to javascript auto logins ect please get in touch asap.

Or even just create a boomarklet for skygo for us ?