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Full Version: (UK ONLY)SkyGO Working now in XBMC
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(2012-11-30, 11:47)mjeyre Wrote: [ -> ]OK try this, load up the skygo page in internet explorer using the link below, must be this think.


sign in using the silverlight sign in.

Its where the cookie/js script for the login details are stored for the tv side of the web page, the other sign in is for the billing details.

once signed in it will obtain licience details buffer and play last tv station. Press stop in bottom left of sliverlight window.

Now run my latest exe 1.4b from either within xbmc or standalone

and you should immediately get full screen sky with no problems, alt tabbing everthing it will even play fullscreen while you run another app.


I followed your instructions above but I still get the "please sign in to skygo with your sky id" screen when I run the 1.4b.exe
Using the silverlight login and the other log seem to take me to the same page


its something to do with the silverlight login tho, its def a handling issue between cookie or container within js for the sign in.

Im not 100% yet but if you login through ie within the silverlight handler then minimize and use the full screen exe i created. it logs me in and connects streight away.

Il have to keep working on it this isnt an overnight project....

il let you know as soon as i get a working exe again meantime stick with the old working version lol !

got some great news , ive done it ive got the javascript working finally fullscreen skygo exe that dosnt minimize when you press escape or tab in/out !!

Im compiling the exe in a minute... Its working and im just uploading a youtube video for eveyone to see. It even works in alt tabbing and never quits from full screen.

heres the youtube vid !!!


ok so this is how it works, first load up IE after version 8 onwards.

Login to skygo

use the following address:

sign in using the sign in button in silverlight window pane

then it takes you to the next page a sign in page, click the remember me flag and enter your username and password

now wait till the page loads and you are fully signed in then quit top right X

run my latest skygoxbmx1.45b.exe file (will be in the skydrive link) should now run skygo full screen every time with tv listings and instant picture should be hardly any buffering.
now simply follow the procedure at the first page to install into xbmc.

A full add will be available shortly after official submission...
Enjoy and please give feedback..



any bugs please report below thanks
anyone tested this yet just after some feedback.?

ive got something else for ppl to try that i will post soon but my mrs wants my life back for a day lol !
I'm still getting please sign in to skygo with your skyid when I go full screen

I get the tv listings but no picture

When I run the exe although it only flashes up quickly it looks like it says the file not found.

Edit managed to catch it

File not found - control panel.(21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B309D)
Folder unlocked successfully
ok syborg could you try this for me

go to skygo web site in IE
go to sign in bit within sliverlight window in top right
when you hit sign in you should be taken to a seperate page.

now this is the bit where once you have signed in and you get taken back to the tv guide page and obtaining licence info and you get a picture minimise and run the remember me file below


its a javascript url i have created to remember the silverlight login cookie.

it wont actually do anything its just javascript.

please let me know if this works as if it dosnt il send you the script.


then you should now be able to close the IE page.

now try the 1.45b exe should work streight away.

Try quitting and re loading the exe a few times should work every time now.

Won't be able to test until the morning - but will let know how I get on as soon as I can!
Managed to get testing this! All seems to be working now - great work! Straight in no problem.
great !, im going to look at remote button mapping now. are you using a remote to use xbmc if so can you quit back to xbmc from sky go ?

i cant test on my big setup as ive used up all my assigned devices now for sky go !! ltd to laptop xbmc for skygo at min..!


Tried again today and had some issues logging tried it again and it worked. will keep testing and see what happens and let you if there is anything I can replicate comes up.
I use the official iPhone app with a full keyboard and mouse as back up.
I've tried to exit using the app but no good have to use the keyboard to exit.
Have done some more testing today and I'm not being logged straight in I'm having to open IE login then I am logged in with the exe.
ok thanks, im having some teething probs with silverlight and the sign in.
Il have a look later just a tad busy with work commitments at the min.

thanks for testing tho.

No worries I appreciated you're doing this in your spare time! I'll keep posting anything I come across for you to look at when you get time.
can u make it work in europe to i would be delighted Smile