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Full Version: (UK ONLY)SkyGO Working now in XBMC
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(2013-04-29, 23:39)syborg Wrote: [ -> ]Could you try running the bat from the cmd window

Open run - type cmd

then once open C:\skygo\skygolauncher.bat

and let me know what happens

When I do this the windows popup window appears again asking what program to open file with.
You can try this - suggested for files that are wrongly associated

you need to open regedit and delete

(2013-04-29, 23:53)syborg Wrote: [ -> ]HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileExts\.BAT\UserChoice

No UserChoise in there. Just OpenWithList and OpenWithProgids
cool found this too - says it should fix any bat file errors


unzip then run the reg file
Done that. Get an error message saying "not all data was successfully written to registry. Some keys are open by system or other processes" Tried skygo launcher with no success.
Thanks for your continued help on this matter.
no problem. You will probably need to start your pc in safe mode in order to run the reg file as the key should no longer be locked
Tried that. Got same error when running reg file in safe mode.
OK - here is a early release for my modded Tvguide.

[Release] - TVGuide - Syborg Mod - V1.0.7

This would effect your current TVGuide addon so you can test freely before commiting.

Installation Instructions

Install TvGuide Syborg Mod from my repo.

Go into the settings and direct it to your XML file (no logo folder anymore as it is build in)

Open Tvguide - select a sky channel and you will be good to go. (There is a small bug where until you have played a channel it will display as no stream being selected but as soon as you try play it should automatically assign the channel from skygo launcher)

If you want the freeview channels too - they still need to be assigned manually but I'm working on this. Any problems let me know.
(2013-04-30, 00:43)givecredit Wrote: [ -> ]Tried that. Got same error when running reg file in safe mode.

what internet browser do you have installed?

the command batch is looking for a broswer to flush the cache .

Hi Syborg, for the tv guide, where is the XML file located?
Also, Freeview would be amazing too. Smile

Top work again

Ok, think i got it, was it the same one as before? program files - XMLTV GUI - data.xml ?
If so, when i now go into the tv guide syborg mod, the tv guide comes up, but nothing else, no listings?
(2013-04-30, 12:27)jjmucker Wrote: [ -> ]Hi Syborg, for the tv guide, where is the XML file located?
Also, Freeview would be amazing too. :)

Top work again

Just use the same xml as you used for the tvguide. If you had freeview you will again but as I mentioned you have manually choose the stream from your favourites but the sky channels are now auto assigned.

Do you get an error message or just the channels with no listings?
no error message, just no listings. do you think its an error with the xml file or something?
Yeah it could be. You could try this
Open your Xmltv gui and change your file name to data2 or something and have it create a new file from scratch and see if that works.
Got it mate. The data.xml wasnt updating, last time it was updated was the beginning on April. Do i have to set this to auto update or do i have to do it manually every few weeks?
Also, Skysports news is skynews and i cannot see sky F1?
Apart from that, brilliant