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Full Version: (UK ONLY)SkyGO Working now in XBMC
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(2012-12-07, 00:17)djris2 Wrote: [ -> ]can u make it work in europe to i would be delighted Smile

the program will work anywhere its a spoof dns cache for the uk that you need to find unfortunately i dont know any as i live in the uk.


have you tried the exe in your location yet?

you must be a reg sky customer to use the exe.

Hi, first time trying to get this to work on a new install. Just to check - it works okay in IE10? In the browser, the TV Guide page doesn't really work unless I go to the home page and then go back to it. The exe just shows a black screen with nothing else. Any thoughts?
hi, it works in IE10 but you must sign in first time in the link (tv.do one) using the remember me javascript. that ive posted. The black screen is because it not kept the cookie.
It should work ok when you run the exe after that.

Ah, maybe I'm not doing that bit. I am logging in on the Silverlight page with Remember Me ticked and then just running the 1.45b exe. Should I be doing something in between? Can't find a script anywhere...
(2012-12-01, 22:10)mjeyre Wrote: [ -> ]ok syborg could you try this for me

go to skygo web site in IE
go to sign in bit within sliverlight window in top right
when you hit sign in you should be taken to a seperate page.

now this is the bit where once you have signed in and you get taken back to the tv guide page and obtaining licence info and you get a picture minimise and run the remember me file below


its a javascript url i have created to remember the silverlight login cookie.

it wont actually do anything its just javascript.

please let me know if this works as if it dosnt il send you the script.


then you should now be able to close the IE page.

now try the 1.45b exe should work streight away.

Try quitting and re loading the exe a few times should work every time now.

must do this step after you are fully signed in through silverlight.

ok a bit of hard work and i now have the html script that takes you immediately to the skygo full screen mode in silverlight.

You now don't even have to download an exe.
just copy the text below and save as a htm file save to your movie directory.

follow the instruction on how to play htm files directly in xbmc the guides on here and hey presto no coding needed.


<title>Redirect to skygo full screen silverlight command add on by xbmc mike</title>
<meta http-equiv="REFRESH" content="0;url=http://go.sky.com/vod/content/Home/content/videoId/0644e59b823ad210VgnVCM1000002c04170a________/l/l/content/detachedLiveTv.do"> </head>
<p>Opening skygo, please wait ...</p>

dont forget to run the remember me file and instructions first so it will auto login
ok i tried it but when i run the remember me i get an error message from Internet Explorer saying "Internet Explorer cannot download. Unspecified error"

I'm running windows xp on internet explorer 8, which probably explains it Sad

any chance of finding a way for it to work in ie8? or even better kylo browser? or ANY other browser? it's a bit unlucky for me that you are working on the only browser that i cannot use Big Grin

i tried using the exe as well but it asks me to sign in and gives me a blank screen when i do so.
hi ca you please tell me what to do with the rememberme file? i installed IE10, logged in and ticked the remember me box, now what? thanks Smile
then you just double-click on the remember me file i think.
it seemed to save it for a while, i then rebooted i think and now its asking me to log in again?
it does have some issues im afraid i cant seem to fix that you would just have to run the javascript again. ive also now found a way to use it with mce remote now and it goes back to xbmc menu.

Il post the exe that fixes the back to xbmc shortly after a few more tests.

Thanks mike, I'd appreciated that. When I first got it working and logged in it actually went back Into xbmc automatically which was good. Also, see the java file, what exactly do I do with that, rename it? Do I launch it somehow?
log in to sky go once logged in run the remember me file by double clicking it.

now run the skygo full screen.

now close skygo altogether

run the skygo full screen exe file i created, You should now autologin without need for a password.

Quit out and try running the skygo exe now in xbmc should all work ok

Thanks mike I'll give it a try. I don't think I actually ran the exe file as I thought you'd mentioned you didn't need that anymore?
yeah thats true you dont have to now you can just use the html file.