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Full Version: (UK ONLY)SkyGO Working now in XBMC
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Can this be done with your plugin


Never mind. looks like someone beat me to request
Do you have to be a sky customer to get this addon working?
In the configuration tab it asks for username and password!
Thank you for your responses in advance. Marty
does the add on only work with xbmc on pc or will it work with xbmc on an android box ?
A couple of questions as I cant see them answered in the first post although you do mention channel changing.

What keys are used to change channels so I can map them to my remote?
How do I get rid of the blue channel bar at the bottom of the screen after entering a channel? Is this also a key press that I can map?
HI everyone, Thanks to Syborg for continual support with the plugin, I will hopefully be back helping to support the plugin in a couple of weeks now I have some free time coming up.
To quickly answer to major questions that keep popping up (and I will update the first page of the thread later today to reflect this).

1: The plugin is a pc based application only currently and will not work on any other platform, this is due to restrictions places on the coding, it works in conjunction with Microsoft Silverlight and as such was programmed to wrap around the current sky silverlight api.

2: The plugin still uses mac addressing for connection to skygo and thus only works if you assign your pc mac adddress/name with sky and YOU ARE A SKY CUSTOMER

3: In some instances currently an older IE browser is required for silverlight as the code taps in to older loopholes in the silverlight api from sky.

4: This plugin has always been free and myself and syborg have worked hard to bring you the easiest way to get your sky to xbmc and we do this in our spare time, the original app developed by myself took over 4 months and with the help of fellow developers achieved 100,00 downloads, once again thanks and I say this from Syborg too we appreciate any nice comments, Syborg has taken the project under his wing and developed it for a year in my absence, I owe him a lot and he must take credit for the repo work.

about 2 months ago I did manage to get some on demand and box sets to play direct through xbmc and the plugin which was great news, although it was in a very raw format and also not using the skygo player in silverlight, it used a native silverlight video player.
I will be in touch Simon and hope we can re ignite this amazing plugin with some new features.
I am sorry I cant answer any private messages at the moment, there are over 600 !!!

XBMC Skygo
Hey guys,
First time poster, but I just wanted to say thanks for the work on this. I got this working last night and its pretty awesome.
The only problems I am having is that I cant keep the focus on XBMC, once I press the icon, it launches the Sky Go APP. I chose my channel and that's it. I cant revert back to channel guide or back to XBMC to view something else.

I followed the instructions on the first post (page) but it still doesn't seem to work.
Can anyone confirm that the instructions on the first post are still valid for the current APP version?


Do you think theres any way to use this for Foxtel Go (Australia).

I would love to be able to watch through xbmc.

Hi there. Firstly, a huge thanks for the contribution. I've moved into a flat with no option for a sky dish so TV over internet is my only viable option. This solution has allowed me to have Sky Go on the TV in a very workable fashion. Thanks again. Big Grin

One thing that I wanted to know was I've noticed a couple of channels are going to be changing soon. Notably Sky Sports News will be moving channel number and becoming Sky Sports News HQ. Also, they are adding Sky Sports 5 as a dedicated European fooy channel that comes as part of the subscription. I am keen to know how this will affect the add on?

Does the add on 'scrape' the listings from Sky and displays what is available? (so one would think these channel changes would automatically reflect in the 'Live TV' add-on menu)

Or are the channels 'hard coded' somewhere and map to streams on Sky's systems? (if this is the case, the channel listings would need to be updated?)

Any information would be appreciated and thanks once again.
It scraps the information so it should just work fingers crossed if they just add it in.
Thanks. Fingers crossed!
Good forum etiquette stipulates that I should report back.

It did correctly scrape and the channels have now automatically refreshed.

Thanks again for the fantastic add in.

Suggestion to build on this even further would be to bake in the tv guide somehow.
Just read this tread and iot´s an amzing work.
And i wose thinking here we have a system that work as well with silverligh Meo Go i think is the same as SkyGo is there a way that i can use this addon instead of SkyGo with MeoGo .
Can anyone point me on the wright direction?
Can't find the tvguide mod in the repo. Has it been removed?
(2014-10-02, 20:49)m7cky Wrote: [ -> ]Can't find the tvguide mod in the repo. Has it been removed?

Yes - it was so buggy that I didn't have time to answer all the questions so I have removed it. However, you can use the standard tvguide pretty easily.
Thanks for the quick reply syborg.
The option to integrate into tvguide in the settings doesn't seem to do anything. There's no checkbox & clicking doesn't even trigger a dialogue box.
Am I missing something?