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Full Version: (UK ONLY)SkyGO Working now in XBMC
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(2015-06-14, 21:45)paulsavo1 Wrote: [ -> ]Hi Syborg so am i right in saying the addon works sgain but only for the live channels?

yes that is correct - sky have made some significant changes to to their code everything has been moved to Javascript which makes parsing the urls for playing difficult.

I cant fully test at the moment as I have made too many changes to my devices this month but once I am able to I will try again.
Hi Synorg can you please help, not sure wot to do, installed launcher v2, put my log in details in and launched it click live tv,but all i get is links re ervice status, help and products
any chance that this can be modified for foxtel play for use within OZ, i know there is an APi for foxtel so all of the settings could be grabbed from there .

can any1 get this working?
can i get working addon please i cant find the latest version
I am new to Kodi and I am trying to get a Sky Go add on working on it.

I have a new Medion Tablet (Android 5.0) that for some reason will not allow the regular Sky Go app to run
It's a problem with the chip set (Intel Atom Z3735F) according to the Sky community.

So I downloaded Kodi and installed the Total installer and the Sky Go launcher (V2 I think), and entered by username and password in the config area etc.

But when I try to launch any Sky sports channel I get a generic error like 'Sky Go Launcher failed', 'Please check log'

Does anyone know how I can get a more detailed log or how I can resolve the problem ?

By the way I am in Ireland rather than the UK if that makes any difference.
@por1971 Total Installer is a banned add-on so no help for that here. Remove all of that TotalXBMC junk and try again.
(2015-08-20, 11:48)UsefulG Wrote: [ -> ]@por1971 Total Installer is a banned add-on so no help for that here. Remove all of that TotalXBMC junk and try again.

Thanks for that info

It's a good place to start.
Can someone just clarify something for me.

Is the Sky Go launcher actually available for Kodi on Android or is it windows only ?

I'm using Android
It's windows only according to Syborg!
Hi Guys

I still can not get this to work, i have updated the url, and still get page not found when launching? Does the skyho launcher allow remote control inputs when it's launched?
We created a SkyGo and Slingbox Client exclusively for Kodi.

We are still developing some additional functionality, but you can view working demo below


We are afraid that this would be a licensed solution as it was originally created for our partner company. A small license fee to allow use on a single device. No Subscription

Still in development.

SkyGo - Channel Switching withing Skygo full screen
Sling - Record and select options directly from remote instead of mouse.

Regards, HTPCS
Sorry guys I'm lost where can I download his repo to install it
How to use Sky Go for Android Huh any help
Im posting this in the links about Sky go and if it is working. Sky go does work, its been working fine for me for a while now. What i have found though is that the Sky Go v2 addon ONLY works with FTV guide. and recognises it when selecting a channel. I don't know why FTV guide is the only one that supports it. But its working fine for me. Hope this helps

Im running Kodi isengard, on windows 10 x64

as for android i cant say of it works on there. But doesn't the play store have a skygo app.. why not download the app and use it without kodi?