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Full Version: Dosen´t XBMCbuntu have Netflix add-on?
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I can´t find the Netflix add-on on my new XBMCbuntu. My version is native, because it installed in HTPC. Thank you all.
Netflix? haha NO!

No way, Linux not a chance, didn't even think there was a netflix addon at all, no matter if Linux or windows.

No, XBMC doesnt have any Netflix anything.


And it wont ever be added, I dont think.

(2012-11-16, 18:08)uNiversal Wrote: [ -> ]Netflix? haha NO!

No way, Linux not a chance...

Looks like at least somebody has an super ugly hack...but it's Netflix on native Ubuntu:


Looks quite ugly, but it's a start
Oh, man, using WINE... haven't touch WINE in years (I don't mean the red stuff... that, I drink all the time Smile ). But, as stated above, for those Linux users who need their Netflix fix, it's a start.

This is a digression though... as uNiversal told the OP, don't expect to see Netflix supported natively in XBMC.
While it's not an official XBMC app, there is the XBMC Flicks plugin. It displays your netflix data in XBMC and then launches a browser to do the playback. At the moment it doesn't work in Linux, but I think it should be possible for someone to get this working with the PPA for Linux Netflix method.
Try netflix-desktop.

A complete tutorial may be found here (in portuguese), including the configuration of the Startup in th XBMC menu: