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Full Version: Remote cannot connect to XBMC server
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I am working with XBMC v11 on Ubuntu 12.04. Everything is fine except the remote control, and more generally the access through the web interface.

I have gone through the network settings as shown in the wiki (i have enabled everything to make sure there was no issue)

All my devices (2 laptops and 1 HTC phone under Android 3.2) are connected to my router (IP
My XMBC server under ubuntu has IP address port 22002.
I have turned off my firewall to avoid any issues related to this as a first step.

==> When I try to connect with the Android remote I have the error "Socket Timeout"
==> When I try to access the web interface on the other laptop or phone using, I cannot access anything (request timeout)

Do I need to change anything on my router ?

thanks in advance for your help !

anybody encountered the same issue ? is there any basic test I can perform to diagnose which problem it is ?