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Full Version: ATV1/2 fetches only "unknown" actors from IMDB
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Hi, Y'all

as of recent I have noticed an interesting IMDB scraping issue.
When a new movie is added, the "Top Billed" are omitted, and only a handful (6-8) of lower listed actors are fetched and displayed on the Info Page.
There is no pattern recognizable, it concerns round about the first six on the IMDB actors list for that movie.
This occurs in Eden (Official Release) on ATV1 and in Eden (Linus Yang Edition) on ATV2.
Whenever the "get full listing" option is checked, there is indeed the full listing fetched, but I find that rather undesirable. I found that handful of top actors fetched almost always the perfect choice and like to have that feature back.
Is that a known bug or an IMDB API change?
Has anyone else experienced the same behavior?

Comments are appreciated...