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Full Version: Can't get external video in XBMC
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Ok, so I've looked over the seach, and I've tried the fixes listed within them in theses threads with the following issues.


When I run xrandr all I can get is "can't open display" even with sudo, all commands give the error "Can't open display"


same thing. This is running on an HP dv6000 laptop with an nVidia graphics card. The boot logo is displayed throught he VGA port (that is the end goal), but as soon as the GUI loads for xbmc, there's nothing. The terminal that I load works with the VGA without any issues either. It's running XBMC 11.0 Eden, on XBMCUbuntu.

I've tried everything I could search for but nothings worked. considering just putting windows back on it and having it auto launch XBMC at start up if that's easier, I'm not a linux user too frequently...
Before you do any commands in terminal that are display or driver settings related you need to type:

export DISPLAY=:0

Now your free to try the fix on the other thread and the "cant open display" error should be gone.
This happens because you are connecting via SSH. No biggie.


Simply put, you need the laptop to select RGB port as output and turn off the Laptop LCD.

See this thread. I do this all the time and no probs. Bonus is that if you disconnect the RGB cable, and reboot, Laptop then switches back to LCD. And visa-versa.

Just a quick thanks. The export command resolved the issue and I was able to setup the display...