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Full Version: Spanish Translation
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hi, i submit a new translation on the sourceforge site, this is the spanish translation of xbmc, i did it days ago, but i have had to wait for the confirmation of registry of the forum

url to download: http://sourceforge.net/tracker....=581840

thanks a lot. Smile
k, thanks. ...maybe you can tell us which one of these are 'obselite', or if they are the same? tia

822219 spanish language for xbmc 2003-10-12 15:20

822576 spanish strings.xml for xbmc 2003-10-13 08:30
(geko @ oct. 14 2003,12:29 Wrote:http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php...tid=581840 this is my xml file

another: http://sourceforge.net/tracker....=581840 was made by another ppl

...and which one is best (the other one will be deleted)? Huh or can/will you base a new one upon them both?
i download it tonight (i'm working) and then i tell you something about it Wink