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Full Version: Listing in Frodo, corrupt lib?
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Frodo Beta1 T! V5.0.6 SVN

Did a system update the other day, and ended up with multiple 404 (i don't have this movie) and nonsense files... ([email protected] & 23) deleted them within XBMC as the path looked internal. Happened again when I used a system wide update, I put debug on, used a system clean-up and they disappeared. I re-scanned to see if these phantom files would show up again, they didn't.



Wondering if the library is going south, I do have my Eden set-up, but I put a few hours into Frodo and didn't want to toast it off hand.

Clearly you have some non movie/tv show files in your sources or similar that result in this content being scraped.

This has happened to me and the fault was exactly that.

Look at your sources and subfolders make sure what you have there is OK.

I looked at your huge rubbish field log (my eyes went fuzzy and not in a good way.) I can see movies like 50 50 and 23 Paces to Baker Street that could be taken wrongly by whatever setup your running.

I would consider a re-look at the addons, therw's tons of rubbish about addons that shouldn't be there.

Im not gonna finish your log, I have other things I would like to do before I die, and that log will take at least 20 years to go through.

log errors 20:01:59 T:3052 WARNING: DatabaseUtils::GetSortFieldList: unknown field 23

thers a few of those.


I'll let you off the hook before you die... Smile Well it's a big database, part of what XBMC portends to handle. Looks like it was a corrupt movie.. or at least the protection wasn't handled well (even though it plays out with 'other' players).

Here's and update debug... with no errors, and a bit easier on the eyes. http://xbmclogs.com/show.php?id=15329

In Linux all those cpluff stuffs are gone Smile

Glad to see your sorted and at least you found cause of error. the database side aside your log still not easy on the eyes.

And what should we be looking for?
@ Martijn

Apparently nothing anymore... though idk honestly.