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Full Version: Editing Main Menu
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I was using Aeon-Nox until recently as it seems to keep my internet running flat out and doesn't close connections properly but doesn't do it on any other skin, the main reason I used Aeon-Nox was how customization it was at such ease as I don't actually have anything stored in the house but use addons to do this for me.

I had such menus such as "Live TV" "On-Demand" (Sub-Menu for On-Demand "iPlayer, 4OD, 5OD, ITV Player, Youtube" and then I had Search which used another addon so I could search for the content I wanted, however I cannot seem to do much of this on the new default skin for XBMC running Frodo but I was wondering if there was any easy way or a way to do this to point the buttons to use different addons.

what you can change in any portion of skin is directly related to skin you use.

Ddefault skin dos not have much options for customization but it is fast and stable.

Aon MQ4 will allow you to change main menu items similar like Aeon Nox does.