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Full Version: scraper won't refresh info after first time
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platform tested on and all have issue with:
Win7 64 bit, Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit

XBMC version: 12.0 beta1 compiled :Nov 15 2012

(1) Go into Vidoes -> Files -> Film -> select file name with wrongly scraped metadata e.g. Underworld -evolution.m2ts, press i, and select Refresh
(2) For some reason the scraper searching for film name 电影-Film which is Chinese character of folder name. It is used as parent folder of all the film stored on Samba.
(3) It provide Enter the movie name popup window, and i have to press key several times to delete the 电影-Film and enter the correct name which is underworld evolution
(4) after pressing enter, the popup window disappear and nothing showing up.

This issue will happen after first time success changing the film metadata using above method. In other words, the above method only works once.

I attached log file here


Is this a bug? or something I miss configured.