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Full Version: How long should it take to build the library?
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So this is on a fresh install of Xbmc. I'm running it via RaspBMC on a Raspberry Pi if that would cause the slowness I'm seeing.

My site is:
Raspberry Pi with the latest version installed.
300 movies on a hard drive on a different PC, each movie in its own folder.
I've used Media Companion to do all the scraping of the data and create the needed NFO files and such.

When I start the library build, Xbmc starts to scrape all the data. All it should have to do is look in the folder, grab the NFO file, and then setup the data it needs.

However, with only 300 movies, it takes hours and hours to do this. I'm guessing close to 6+ hours.

Is this normal? If so I won't worry about it but it sure seems like it shouldn't take this long.