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Full Version: MySQL query: 2 synology NAS - 3 xbmc windows HTPC - apple tv2
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I have 2 synology NAS - NAS 1 with TV shows music and Photos and NAS 2 with Movies

I would be very grateful if anybody could help so i can use MySql on each of my media devices as listed above but when source material is located on 2 individual NAS

I have MySql installed on each NAS and source media in separate shares

I can use each HTPC and jailbroke ATV2 individually without MySql just fine - but how do i set up advancedsettings.xml etc on windows 7 and shared thumbs and ATV2 etc..

Thank You for your help

Just set up MySQL on one NAS. You can host media on multiple NAS/computers/whatever, but you only need one actual MySQL server. Everything is explained on this guide: MySQL (wiki).