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Full Version: What's the definitive word on Grooveshark and Pandora plugins?
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Hello, first time poster who installed XBMC yesterday...

I just sifted through what seemed like a gazillion threads about a Grooveshark and Pandora plugin for XBMC.

The current Grooveshark plugin does not work at all even though it's still available at XBMC's website and the Pandora plugin I found is buggy.

Did anyone ever make plugins for either service that works?

Also, since I am an Sirus/XM Radio subscriber: Is there a plugin for that service out there?
-Thanks in advance...
42 views and not one response?!?
I haven't researched Grooveshark on these forums, but if you read the Pandora thread above, you'll see there is a version available from K3oni which should work on Eden. spbogie is rewriting the script and will post when it is completed.

The bottom of page 61 shows the link to the latest current version modified by K3oni. http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=70471&page=161

This is the direct link to the download: https://www.yaktab.com/en/p251f2
Thank you! Actually, I didn't see that thread in researching Grooveshark/Pandora - glad to see this...