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Full Version: Unionfs to avoid scraper issues
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I just wanted to share some info on how I solved an issue I had with my tv shows folder, and possibly get an easier solution from you.

I have a structure like


and so on. If I directly add the somewhere folder to xbmc I get strange results from scrapers, because 0-9 and A-B and so are seen as show titles. To be able to keep just one source in xbmc, I had to use unionfs to mount everything to a single folder, so now I have


and this works.

But... is there any simpler way to tell xbmc to ignore the first level of subfolders? Possibly without using nfo files for every single show folder. If it's possible to use a nfo file to exclude a folder, that would be a solution.
You set content on the 0-9 folder(s).