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Full Version: "Adjust display refresh rate to match video" cause massive lag
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Ok, lets hope that someone could help me...

I have new HTPC with Trinity 5400k CPU, Yamaha RX-V667 av receiver and Samsung LE46B755 TV

If I try to enable "Adjust display refresh rate to match video" or "Sync playback to display" I got massive lag in both video and audio. Error count and missing frames goes crazy too.

Other video playback settings:

Render Method: DXVA
Pause during refresh rate change: Off
A/V sync method: Video clock (Resample audio)
Allowed error in aspect ratio to minimize black bars: none
Display 4:3 videos as: normal

Any ideas what might be the problem ?

Fullscreen or windowed?
"use fullscreen window rather than true fullscreen" is enabled
You need to use true fullscreen.
That seems to be the issue, thx!
But still there is some audio lag and missing frames... Especially with movies / bigger files with 24fps. http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=127006 Same problem here ?
you could try disabling most video settings in AMD Catalyst - with the exception of "enforce smooth video playback".
you could also try setting A/V sync to Audio clock or Video clock (drop/dupe). Resample is never a good idea.
XBMC is unfortunately haunted by an everlasting 24p audio sync bug.
The dev team has not been able to resolve this for a couple of years or so, so it might be this bug you're experiencing.

Check out this tread as one of many on the issue: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=80247