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Full Version: How to add a folder of videos to watch but not have it be available all the time?
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In a nutshell, I want to add a folder of videos but I don't want it to be necessarily integrated into my Movies when I select videos. I just want to have these movies excluded from the master list unless I choose to view them. What is the best way of accomplishing this?

I'm still a newbie at XBMC.
Sounds like the use of smart playlists, video tags, or custom video nodes would be the solution.

One playlist contains all the videos you want in the main library, but excludes the ones you don't want. Another playlist that does the opposite. Then, depending on the skin, you can add each playlist/node to main menu or submenu locations. If you're using xmbc v11 (eden), then smart playlists is the option. If you're using xbmc v12 beta, then you have access to tagging, custom video nodes, and video tags.
I will look into the smart playlists then. I am using v11 eden. I'm not one to play much with betas, that is just me.