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Full Version: Question from Addon Developer About Pulling Updated Language Files
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I just posted two messages to the XBMC addon mailing list to get the two addons I maintained added to the translation engine. I'm pretty sure I understand what I need to do moving forward (i.e. keep my English strings.po file up to date). What isn't clear is what I need to do when I want to post an update to either of my addons. Do I need to do something in github to get the updated translation files and then post my message to the addon list with my pull request, or do I just do the pull request to the list after which the translation files are automagically updated?

If it's the former, I may need a little hint on the github side on from where I should pull stuff and how to do that, as I've never had to pull external files into a project.

Mahalo! (thanks)
Hi !

I added your addons to the Transifex project. I also sent a reply on the mail-list with the links to the fresh language files.
Just pull in the language files from time to time to YOUR UPSTREAM github repo. After that, just send the requests to update your addon like usual.

Practically you could do this before bumping your addon version.

I am writing a little downloader utility to bulk download the files from github to make life easy. I'll let you know when I am ready.

Let me know if you need any more help !

Thanks, Attila
I did something along these lines to have git pull in the updated strings.po/.xml
It's probably a good idea to know how to revert these changes if you mess up. i know i did the first couple of times Smile

1. add the translation repository as a remote
git remote add -f xbmc-translations git://github.com/xbmc/translations.git

2. pull in the changes without commit so you can review, replace ADDON_ID with your addon id, fx script.moviequiz
git pull --no-commit --no-log --squash -X subtree=translations/xbmc-addons/merged-langfiles/ADDON_ID xbmc-translations master

I usually get a merge conflict on addon.xml though that needs to be taken care of before committing..


Thanks for the solution!

I am working on a little tool to help pull in these files easier. I'll let everyone know when it is ready.