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Full Version: XBMC deleting my music folders
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VERSIONS: Windows XP, Eden, Quartz.

THE PROBLEM: I noticed a while ago that 4 or 5 radiohead albums had completely disappeared from my radiohead folder. Also 3 out of 6 of my Rolling Stones albums disappeared too. I thought I was just going mad so I just forgot about it.

MOAN: Now I have noticed another album missing (this was a compelation i had made of all my childrens favorite songs (I have one and a half year old twins). I had created nfo's etc for this album to fool xbmc into thinking it was a proper album. I put a photo of my twins as the album cover (das i know but it made the wife laugh so mission accomplished Big Grin). long story short i put a bit of time and effort into that album and i;m not sure i remember what all the songs were now, and was supposed to be timeless so that we could listen to it again in years to come etc etc yada yada.

WHAT I TRIED ALREADY: They are not in my recycle bin and i've searched the whole HDD. I also don't have a log because these albums were lost many reboots ago. I did a backup recently so my backup has the folder missing too.

MY ACTUAL POINT: Does the 'clean library' function have the ability to delete albums?

Anyone got any experience of this, or know a bit about what clean library does, or how this could have happened?

WAS IT XBMC? Obviously I know I have no proof that it was xbmc, so that's why i'm asking if its possible that clean library can delete things. The music is not accessed in any other way than xbmc so its the prime suspect at the moment.

I just want to find a way of ensuring that it cant happen again if possible.
Clean library does not touch files. It only removes entries from your library for things that are no longer available (from renaming or deletion).

XBMC, by default, does not delete any files. Unless you went into settings and enabled the feature to allow deletion, it does not modify your original files.
Even then you will have to tell it that actually want to remove it. So in short xbmc doesn't remove files without you explicitly telling it to
oh well it mustve been something else then. maybe when i was copying to and from a usb hdd in order to format my pc ages ago. thanks for taking the time to reply chaps.

How can I delete a music folder please??
what operating system are you using?

you should be able to delete from within xbmc by using file manager.

or you can delete things directly in your "music library", or "music files" (whichever way you use xbmc). just make sure you have activated the relevant setting in xbmc settings, appearance, file lists. the setting is called "allaw file renaming and deletion"