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Full Version: Anime episodes not showing
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So I decided to try using XBMC to create a nice userend for my anime but I think it has resulted in a faint heart attack for me.

I have my series sorted by show name and season folder, and the naming scheme with show title, season and episode number and episode title. However when scrapping using either TVDB or ANIDB, it either does not show the show at all, or creates a folder that has the show name, but no episodes listed. I've tried every naming scheme possible in order to try to see if it just could not recognize the episodes, but no luck.

An example is Armitage III as seen here:

It is a one season show, so my episode is like Show - 01 - Episode Title. XBMC scraps, adds an empty folder, or none at all.
No show added shows up. However movies scrapped from TheMovieDB have no issues.

So is the problem here just me being technically unable to figure this out and best option is to leave it behind, or is there some sort of universal error that keeps AniDB to properly recognize the shows?
There's an Armitage III OVA series that has 4 episodes, then there's an Armitage III movie which is a condensed version of the OVAs. (Then there's the squeal movie, but I'm assuming we're not even touching that in this situation.) Try throwing the year into the title/parent folder (1995 for the OVAs, 1996 for the movie) and see if that helps the scraper find the right one.